Thursday, May 28, 2015

Just Rolling Along...

One of the best ways to relieve sore muscles is to gently stretch and ROLL. I use a combination of foam rolling and my Roll Recovery gadget for myofascial release. 

Dr. Mark Cheng recommends rolling BEFORE your workout, to “take off the parking brakes.” Try taking 5-10 minutes before your workout to loosen up and see if that doesn't help with your soreness today.

Don't have a foam roller? Do you have a pool noodle out in the garage? A scrap piece of PVC pipe? Try a rolling pin or a lacrosse ball or tennis ball. 

Here is a link for some tips on how to foam roll from Dr Cheng. 

Here is the Roll Recovery website:

If you are in a rehabilitation situation from an injury, surgery, or accident, Dr. Cheng's program, Tai Cheng, could be for you. Here is a video about it: Tai Cheng Video It is available here:  Tai Cheng
I have done the program...and even went back to it 3 days post-knee operation! It's great for gaining flexibility, strength and balance with absolutely no impact. This is not a weight loss or fitness program, per se, but excellent for gentle rehab and recovery.

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